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PES6 Next Season Patch 2019 - New Update 10-06-2018

- more than 500 new faces and all the faces of the 2018 World Cup teams complete
- more than 600 new shoes for all players
- more than 100 new balls for the season 18/19
- Fix Lag
- New Gameplay
- Update the transfers (Fred - Man United, Nabi Keita and Fabinho - Liverpool, Pepe Reina - Milan ... and more
- linking the stadiums teams
- Updating Referee With New Faces And Kits
- New entertainment
- New sound effects in the game
And more more

This update is compatible with :


How To Install
1- Move Files Inside “THE PATCH” Into Your Main Game File
2- Move “KONAMI” To Your “Documents”


  1. desactaulizado la lista del mundial taria para cambiarla en argentina falta armani caballero guzman enzo perez meza y varios mas

  2. Do I have to download something other than the description link to play it or not?

    1. I have to download something else besides the link that is here?

    2. first you must download :

      and finally download the update :

    3. Hey Brother,
      How to change the emblem of a team ?

  3. Great patch. Cool menus and colors. Thanks for fixing the option file loading background color.
    Gameplay is faster in this patch.
    Will let you know more about this patch.
    Thanks Brother.

  4. Shakhtar Donetsk emblem is wrong. Ajax emblem is showing in its place.
    Under formation settings :-
    Condition Arrows are not showing. Just white boxes.
    Brother,can i post images here ? What online image sharing website can i use to post pics here ? It will help you fix the stuff.
    Enjoying my ML. Thanks.

  5. Player atributes are messed up, defenders are very bad, players like pique and ramos are very bad in this patch while bale is OP, messi is faster than it should and a lot of players even defenders have high shot accuracy.
    Some players are also missing like the swiss GK of RB Leipzeig who is going to the world cup, Paquetá from flamengo and some others.
    If the next update is the world cup update please also update player atributes, stars, height, weight, age from Pes Stats Database to improve a already good patch and make it even better.

    1. Hi ERN,
      Are team emblems also messed up for you ? Wrong team logos when choosing a team ?
      I am modifying player stats and physical attributes.

    2. Logos are fine, see if you installed everything as it should, i also changed the flag mode to flags in the Selector.
      I faced some slowdowns while playing but im not really sure if its something with my PC or the game settings.
      The white box thing only happened with Argentina away kit numbers.
      I updated several stats for players and some teams even fully, but im waiting for the next update with the missing players from World Cup squads as i believe the stats changes need to be done all again, hopefully they start working on updating the stats and player info based on PSD.

    3. League logos are fine.
      For me,the national teams flags are fine,but club team emblems are mixed up. Check it. Big teams emblems are showing correct.
      I am fixing the emblems. 90% done.

  6. Please fix players abilities in this pes 6 patch!

  7. I want to have a legendary player

  8. I want to have a legendary player