PES 2013 Egyptian league and CAF Champions League 2018/2019 Patch

Features of Patch
The Egyptian league is up for the 2018/2019 season as well as the new emerging teams
- stars of the future
- border guards
Facebook Facebook logo El Gouna
Tunisian league full and updated 2018
African Champions League 2018 (32 teams)
Full faces for Ahli and Zamalek and almost complete for the rest of the Egyptian teams
Teams updated season 2018/2019 for some Egyptian league teams
Add new Egyptian stadiums updated 2019 (Burj Al Arab, Cairo International Stadium)
A great update to the rest of the European periodicals as well as updated faces and crews
Billboards taken from PES 2018 for all stadiums
Update all the playgrounds of the game
New graphic with new wallpapers and menus
Scorpion PES 2018
More and more updates

Basic Information
Publication Date 21-5-2018
The size of the patch: 1.2 GB only


Patch is compatible with PESEDIT6.0
You must download PESEDIT6.0 Patch before loading the new patch
If you do not have a bat from here
Download the new patch with one link on the mediafire
Very important and necessary
You must download the first update for Patch where it updates and fixes all the patch errors
:: Method of installation ::
After downloading PESEDIT6.0 and installing it on the game, continue to install the new patch
1 - decompression
2. Move the patch into the game folder
3. Move the KONAMI folder to Documents
Play and enjoy the new batch

Note if you are using the Patch
After you descend and straighten the batches, you must go on the path.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 \ kitserver13
Run manager.exe and run Attach

Notes If you have trouble decompressing
1 - Close the Anti Virus before decompressing
2 - Download the latest version of Winrar and Luo Menafsh download the latest version of 7ZIP
3 - Change the location of files uploaded to another disk means if the files on the C on the D
4 - The best way to remove the pressure is to select them all and click Extract Here


Rudrex Patch
Taysser facemaker
PES Edition
Ahmed Hassan


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