Final Kyiv 2018 Ball PES6

Final Kyiv 2018 Ball PES6

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How to install Ball
1 - decompression
2 - Move the folders Adidas and mdl to this track of the game folder Pace 6:
PES6 \ kitserver \ GDB \ balls
3. Open the map.txt file, and if it does not exist, you are creating it
4. After opening the map.txt file, copy the sentence below into the map.txt file
"Champions League Final Kiev 2018", "newballmdl3.bin", "Adidas \ Champions League Final Kiev 2018.png"

How to choose the Cor from inside the game
1. Before starting the game and selecting your team, press F1
2. Select the ball you want by pressing the 0 and 9 buttons above

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