PES6 MINI PATCH 2018 - FIFA 18 Edition

PES6 MINI PATCH 2018 - FIFA 18 Edition
Leagues and tournaments
(All leagues updated by rising teams 2018)
Premier League
La Liga
French league
Italian Leauge
Brazilian league
Add Ahli and Zamalek
Champions League
World Cup 2018
Euro 2020
And more

Features of Patch
Full faces in Al Ahly and Zamalek 100%
Add more than 250 new faces to the most prominent players
Al Ahli and Zamalek teams are up for the next season 18/19
Add more than 100 sets to highlight the difference
100% full transfers for March 2018
The addition of Emirates Stadium and Anfield Stadium in HD
World Cup 2018 World Cup Formations
Real players and real players
Add new players to some teams
Update the up and down teams for the 17/18 season for all leagues
The game graphics with new wallpapers and menus similar to FIFA 18
A PES 2018-like camera with the possibility to adjust the dimensions and angles from inside the game
Professional mobile billboards taken from FIFA 18
Scoreboard PES 2018
Update the audience format to show more realistically
And more more to discover

Note: PES6 must be free of Patches and recommended to be re-installed
PES6 download link

Preview & Installation

Download Links

Method of installation
1 - decompression
2. Move the Files Inside''PATCH folder'' into the main game folder
3. Move the KONAMI folder to the documents


  1. منتخب مصر مش بيلعب بالعلم بتاعه في اللعبة ؟ ؟؟ ؟

  2. هو أنا لو حفظت ملف كونامي القديم جوه الملفات أو Documents بجانب ملف konami إلي مع الباتش اللعبه هتشتغل كويس؟

  3. سطبت الباتش واشتغلت اللعبة وكل شئ جيد باستثناء أعلام المنتخبات الأفريقية + لما بختار فريق اللعبة بتخرج وساعات الكمبيوتر بيقفل يا ريت تردو عليا

    1. ممكن اسماء الفرق اللي لما تلعب فيهم اللعبة بتخرج

  4. ممكن تتدمجوا بالعبه وتنزلوا باتش كامل

  5. الصفحة مش شغالة