PES 2017 Next Season Patch V3 - Update V1

Updates and Repairs
1 - Add the face of Mohamed Antar player Zamalek
2- Reforming and modifying the slogans of the Bundesliga teams
3 - fix the problem of legs intermittent
4- Update the Zamalek kit
5 - Update the faces of players in the formations
6 - Adding the faces of players Ahli and Zamalek in the formations
7 - The new entry path of players is taken from PES 2018 for the most prominent stadiums
8 - Skordboard for all patrols Hitger automatically when you play any league that was in a competition or a normal match
9- Scourboard Egyptian league On Sport
10. Add the Petro Sport Egypt Stadium
11- Add Scorobard to the 2018 World Cup when you play for the World Cup in the game
12 - Modifying the largest number of potential players for the Pace 2018 official capacity
13. The addition of 5 new faces to the Monaco Club was not in the previous issue
14 - Update 3 faces in Zamalek Club (Basem Morsi Mohammed Antar Abdullah Juma)
15 - Reforming the problem of disappearance of players data in the Master League
16 - Modify the pictures and names of coaches in the Egyptian league and the rest of the patrols
17. Updating the centers and energies of the players (Sadio Mani, Marital, and many players)
18. Updated the face of Kellor Navas
19- Updating the Brussia Dortmund and Milan kit with numbers
The more updates and fixes are posted

important note ::
This update is compatible with Patch Next Season Patch 2018 AIO V3.0

Preview & Installation

Now with the download link
Update size: 425 MB only !!

Download from Mediafire

Download from MEGA

To download the latest option File compatible with the patch

Method of installation
1 - Download & Extract files
2. Setup Update from the setup.exe file
3. Move the KONAMI folder to (Documents)
4. Start the game from the PES2017 Multi-Switcher application you will find in the game folder

:: CREDIT ::
Sameh Momen
Prince Hamiz


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