PES 2013 Rudrex Patch V2 AIO

* Update all team logos for the 2017/2018 season
* Update all transitions
* Updated kits for all teams for the 2017/2018 season
* Add multiple players
* Add 2 graphics (you can choose your own)
* Add the Egyptian league
* Add the Portuguese league
* Add to league
* Add La Liga
* Add French league
* Add the Premier League
* Add buck gloves to the guards
* Add backup Pak and Core
* Updating the icon for playing and siting
* Make the game a separate path and for batches
* Add the African Champions League
* Update all team teams participating in the African Champions League
* Update all the African Champions League graphics
* Add the Escour Board African Champions League 2017
* Add the African Paghat for all teams
* Add the final stadium of the African Champions League
* Add 2017 ads to the African Champions League
* Define stadiums for all participating teams
* Update the stadium income for the African Champions League
* Updating teams of referees for the African Champions League

** Stadiums
* Updated all the epiphies of stadiums to HD
* Update more than 15 playgrounds of small size
* Adding two final stadiums (Champions League - Africa)
* Add HD turfs
* Make the audience wear T-Shirts difference
* Add stadiums without an audience for realism
* Add a date for the stadiums
* Add stadium (air defense - Ismailia - Cairo - Burj Al Arab - Champions League final and Africa - Stadium Bononera 2018 etc ...)

** Graphics
* Adding graphic section 2018
* Adding graphic to FIFA 2017

** Master League
* Update your entries Be a legend
* Update calendar file (works for PES2018 file only)
** Graphic PES 2018

Kreem ElMohamadi
Facses :- Mohamed Ahmed Sp
Adham Taysser 
Youssef Sayed 
Ahmed Hassan 
Mohamed Ehab Gk 


3 Parts