PES 6 EgyFire Patch 16/17 v2 - Released 30/6/2017

:: About ::

The size of the patch: 1 GB
Date of issue: 30/6/2017
Does not require previous releases
Make sure that the game is free of chips before installing the new patch

:: The advantages of batches (leagues and tournaments) ::
Egyptian league full (18 team)
Algerian league (5 teams)
ES Setif, JS Kabylie, JS Al-Saoura, Algeria Union, Algeria Union
African Champions League new sets 17/18
Zanaco, Ferrovario da Pera, St. George and others, with the addition of Tunisian, Moroccan, Sudanese and Libyan teams
La Liga complete with 17/18 rising clubs
Full English Premier League with 17/18
Full Serie A
Full Bundesliga
Upcoming WCW Championships 17/18
The 2018 World Cup
European Championship 2016
Asian Nations Championship 2015
Cuba America 2015
Egypt Cup 17/18
Other advantages
The last team transfers on 30/6/2017
Teams 2017/2018 for all teams and teams 100%
The faces and cuts of hair 17/18 for players with the addition of a large number of Arab faces
Graphic with new menus and wallpapers
Group of the strongest and best stadiums European and Arab design HD in the kit server
- Stadium 5 July - Algeria
Tripoli International Stadium - Libya
Borg El Arab Stadium - Egypt
- Olympic Stadium, Brads, Tunisia
- Casablanca Stadium - Morocco
- Cast Santiago Bernabeu
- Camp Nour Stadium
- Allianz Arena
- Emirates Stadium and the Union and many others
New HD Flooring
New Advertising Boards
- HD stands
New songs 17/18 for most of the teams in addition to Ahli and Zamalek
17/18 Scorbordat Arab group such as On Sport, Al Ahly, Zamalek, Nile, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and others
Add new shoes and corsets
Update the players' ages and capacities
And more more exclusive and terrible additions will be discovered in the patch

:: Download Links ::
To download the link on one link

To download 3 parts


Notes to do the bat without problems and exit

1. The game is completely free of batches

Close the protection program when loading and installing the patch

2. After patching, do the files setup and RFG_REG from the game folder

3-From the volder kite server open the setup and DOS install

:: Method of installation ::
1 - decompression
2. Transfer the contents of the EgyFire Pach folder to the main 6-cylinder base
3. Move the Option File to the Konami folder in the folder
Enjoy the bach

mohamed mody Face Maker
adam ahmed
ahmed abu khaled
Pes 6 Arab Patch 2018 Facebook Page


PES 2013 Start Screens Pack by Rgr Facemaker

نتيجة بحث الصور عن برو إفولوشن سوكر 2013

Peck contains:
Start Screen FIFA 2018 for PES 2013
Start Screen Screen 2018 for PES 2013
More and more wonderful backgrounds

Download Link

Credit Rgr Facemaker


PES 2017 Big FacePack Collection 17/18

Password: JonathanFacemaker2017

PES 2017 Kylian Mbappe and Welbeck 17/18

PES 2017 New Facepack
Kylian Mbappé and Welbeck by Sameh Momen


Real Madrid Full GDB Kits Season 17/18

Real Madrid Real Madrid Season 2017/2018 for PES6

The Club World Club logo includes the third and fourth kit with HD design

PES 6 C. Ronaldo & Casimiro Facepack


PES 6 Borussia Dortmund Full Facepack 17/18

The buck consists of the following faces:

Face Marko Royce PES6

The face of Nuri Shaheen PES6

Face Eric Dorm PES6

The face of Mario Gutzé PES6

The face of Gonzalo Castro PES6

The face of Alexander Isak PES6

Download Link

Alegor PES 6 Faces , Jerson
Borussia Dortmund Facepack 17-18 Pes6


PES 2013 Morocco Full Facepack 2018

Facepack List

:: Download Link ::


PES 2013 Next Season Patch 17/18 - Released 21-06-2017

The last transfers of the teams in July 2017
Danilo to Manchester City
Kularov to Rome
Morata to Chelsea
Hegazi to West Bromwich Albion
Zuma to Stoke City
James Rodriguez to Bayern Munich
Lacazet to Arsenal
Wayne Rooney to Everton
Lukako to Man United
Bernardo Silva to Man City
Mohamed Salah to Liverpool
Theo Hernandez to Real Madrid
Add the 2017/2018 Kits to all teams
The latest faces and hair cuts for all players 2017/2018
Update all the turfs of the stadiums HD
Add 4 HD Stadiums for the first time
Graphic with backgrounds and menus taken from PES 2018
Update of the rising and descending teams 2017/2018 season
New songs in the game
New Cplayer Vital and Fast in Game
Updated all tournaments for the 2017/2018 season
The Euro
- 2018 World Cup in Russia
- Champions League with new collections
- Copa America, Libertadores, European League and more more updated tournaments
New electronic ads (Adboard) taken from PES 2018
New Scorpions 2018 for all leagues and tournaments
New shoes and shoes 2017/2018
Modifying the history of the Masters for the 2017/2018 season
Adjust the ages and energies of the players
Add the Palestinian team 2018
Forming as many players as possible for some teams
More and more extras inside the patch

Patch is compatible with PESEDIT6.0

Credit :
Patch Maker :
Luca19 - Admin Micano4u
Big Thanks To : 
Lucca_92 Facemaker
Rgr Facemaker
Matteo_99 Facemaker

Features of Patch + Installation Method


Password :


1. Extract the 4 parts
2. Move the inside of the PES 2013 Next Season Patch 2018 to the PES 13 folder

3. Move inside the Option File to Documents \ KONAMI

4. To run SweetFx Mod, move all the files inside it into a folder

New New
Update Released 18/8/2017


View the full and official PES 2018 trailer

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪PES 2018 E3 Trailer‬‏


PES 2013 Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal NT) Face 2018

PASSWORD: FacemakerAbdKursun7


PES 2013 Syria Kits in GDB 2017 by Teopero

PES 2013 Syria Kits in GDB 2017 by Teopero / Teodor


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