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Basic Information About
Pro Evolution Soccer announced that PES 2018 will be officially launched on September 12, 2017 for various platforms.
In the new version, Konami has redesigned the interfaces in general and introduced new features to enhance the user experience. I also promised to provide a version of the new version of the Xbox 360 and PS3, which has become somewhat old.

The company has standardized the league system in all its versions to play on the Internet, and also added two option against two or three against three, so that the user and his friends can challenge with people on the Internet and get additional points.

To enhance the user experience, the company added pre-game press conferences as well as footage from inside the changing rooms as a complete experience transfer for users.

Konami Games also announced the absence of Tunisian commentator Rauf Khalif in the new season game Pace 2018

Game features of Pace 2018:
Improved gameplay style, with Dodging Strategy, and Real Touch + feature.
· Fixes menus with real pictures showing for players.
An integrated PES league, in which you will be able to compete in the league within new phases, including myClub known.
Develop collaborative online games.
The Random Choice feature will return to the games, with new features and display.
Improvements and upgrades to the Master League, by introducing new pre-season tournaments and improving the transfer system.
Graphic enhancements to enhance realism, use a new lighting system.

The first and official trailer of the game

Triller Analytics

As a picture taken from the television Yes graphic very realistic and realistic and the features of the players are prominent and clear and realistic and move naturally in terms of movement of the eyes on the ball and the opponent better stages of the PES 2017 and even FIFA 2017

One of the new features of PES 2018 is called "Real Touch Plus," which will allow players to control the reaction while receiving a ball using permitted parts of the body, such as the chest, head and legs to make the ball under control.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪PES 2018 Teaser Trailer‬‏

You can also see the players' entry corridor in a distinctive way and with the graphics we have not seen in the previous versions of Konami

The Secretariat has something very mythical and I am following a match from the television very clear improvement and a big difference from the PIS 2017 in terms of quality of the external atmosphere and the masses that give you a lot of enthusiasm in terms of form and sound and realistic cheers

The reactions have become better than Pace 2017 in terms of the reaction of players, coaches and the masses

Konami claims that it will also improve pay-for-service services using a real capture system that provides real lighting for life through day and night games, while more than 20,000 people have been reliably recreated to rebuild grass, tunnels and surrounding areas such as Camp Nou And Segalon Edona Park.

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