FIFA 13 Pro FIFA Patch 2016/2017 - Mini Patch 500 mb

1- The last team transfers for 2016/2017
Draxler to Paris Saint-Germain
And more transfers by 95%
3- More than 940 faces updated within the game
4 - more than 30 updated kit 17/188 for the most prominent teams (we did not complete the crews because of some of the mistakes we faced)
5 - Electronic ads and new flags of the teams and teams within the stadium
6 - New shoes and chords for the first time in Viva 13 you will see 16/17
7. Update 23 stadiums and HD stands
8 - Graphics with backgrounds taken from FIFA 2017
9- Updating the referee's crews 2017
10. Add new players
11- New and exclusive scourboards
 And more more fairy additions in the patch

The size of the patch: 507 MB only

Single Link

3 parts

PASSWORD : micano4u

How to install Patch

After decompressing you will see 3 files

1. Move the Game file to the main game folder

2. Move the Squads transfer file to Documents \ FIFA 13

3. Play Fifa13 i68Regenerator 3.1 UL and choose the path of the FIFA 13 game folder. Press GO and wait for completion

4. Play the game and go to MY FIFA13 / LOAD / SQUAD and choose 1 Squads file

Preview & Installation - youtube


  1. باتش فاااااجر يا ميكانو

  2. اللعبة تخرج بعد تسطيب الباتش ارجو الرد و حل له>ه المشكلة

  3. There is some problem with this patch everytime I install the patch the game crashes while opening. Keep in mind that I followed all the steps necessary but still the same problem with the patch. Please check as soon as possible or make a latest one thank you very much