PES 6 Option File Egyptian League 2014/2015

PES 6 Option File Egyptian League 2014/2015
Add the Egyptian league full 19 teams
Add Egypt League 2014
Last team transfers
Diego Costa to Chelsea
Antonio Grizmann to Atletico Madrid
Rakić to Barcelona
And 90% more transfers because the most prominent transfers are more recent for the big teams
Such as Barcelona, ​​Real, Arsenal, Chelsea, Milan Bayern and so o
The most prominent transfers of the Egyptian league

Amr Gamal, Musa Yadan, Sabri Rahil, Ahmed Khairy and Mosaad Awad in Ahli
Ahmed Ali and Amr Gamal Arafa El Sayed in Zamalek
Note the work is not modern 100%

But, God willing, in future releases will be fully updated
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