caf champions league 2014 patch for pes 6

caf champions league 2014 patch for pes 6
Micano4u - PES 6 Patches

Patch Online is the last transfer of the season 2014 with the addition of some teams the African Champions League
(36) Stadium with the new HD technology has been tested and works perfectly
To make the game more beautiful, magnificent and more realistic
Modifying banners for the Arab clubs and teams

New wallpapers of the game to match the style and give an aesthetic touch of the periodicals or tournaments will not find it anywhere else
A serious screen of LOADING SCREEN
New screen for PRESS ANY KEY
NEW Playground PREVIEW

0 Sound
Add new songs and new mascots of the game
Encourages most of the international teams
Modify the internal sounds of the game as scrolling and arrows to choose the difference and change
Add the sound of the internal commentator clearly

The best Arab comment made so far is the testimony of everyone
The latest version of the 100/100 Arabic commentator for the beloved Essam Shawali
Add new Call Names in the Patch
It also contains spherical stories

The latest Kitserver game to deal with the problem of exit game and others ,, make the game Full HD camera game with a new crack to play has been tried and works perfectly
Latest faces for most players in the game
The latest hair styles new special
Add a total of stadiums with HD technology Kitzferr
All sets of clubs and teams for 2014
A new Core for Kitserver runs on weak and high hardware capabilities
The stadiums operate on all devices with high technology

New form of player shoes for 2014