DB Africa 14 Patch for pes 6

DB Africa 14 Patch for pes 6

how to operate
1 - decompression
2 - Run the file Register and Windows 32x or 64x
3 - Play the game and live

The way to play the game online
1. Unpack and move the host file to the next path
C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc
2 - Register at the site http://www.evo-league.com/join.php
De Surreal
3. After registering, click on the game and select Network
Hegelk message
test network environment
Tbha normal two dimensions Hegelk in the picture
The bass is in the place like this
You are registered with them

Please remove any option file for Pro 6
Hitroh for the May Dacoments and the Chill Fender Pro Evolution Soccer 6
If there are problems in the new patch

Download Pace 6 Complete Game with it Patch


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