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Electronic Arts today unveiled a number of new developments for the world's largest sporting game, which will ensure its fans a unique experience with EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The new developments include several features that will provide players with the opportunity to develop new strategies that start from the middle of the stadium and control the speed of the game and make the most of the golden opportunities for registration. These new properties include the Pure Shot feature and real physical effects of the ball. These new features will revolutionize the kicking system and give the recording opportunities a very realistic.

David Ritter, Executive Producer of FIFA 14:
"Players will enjoy FIFA 14 like the real games. Enthusiasm starts from the middle of the pitch through planning, creating golden opportunities for scoring and all the pressure and suspense. All the goals in FIFA 14 will be accompanied by a sense of accomplishment and will look very great."

- Pure Shot:
This feature will allow players to control the speed of movement and change the angle of entry to record the best goals, in addition to providing a number of new kicks such as kicks, unbalanced kicks and kicks.

- Physical effects of the ball:
Dramatic changes in the physical effects of the ball will add realism to the ball's trajectories, allowing players to kick them from long distances, better control of the high balls and various passes, as well as troubled kicks like real ball players.

- Protect The Ball:
This feature will allow players to defend the ball and respond to other players during jogging at any speed, in addition to allowing them to concentrate by pressing the other players before receiving a pass.

- Teammate Intelligence:
This feature is realistic for both teams through a logical decision-making process that will give your team greater control over better passes, the ability to better handle the other players and have the chance to steal the ball. The opposing players now have the ability to move around the pitch better and counter the player's attempts.

In addition to these additions, FIFA 14 will introduce a new Career Mode, by adding the Global Scouting Network feature that brings realism to the world of talent discovery and allows the player to build a network to explore talent throughout the year. Talent Explorers can now evaluate football players from all over the world to explore the players 'potential in the game in preparation for players' transition through a user-friendly interface.

FIFA 14 will continue to deliver a unique online experience through the EA SPORTS football club, allowing players to communicate and compete among themselves and share the FIFA 14 experience with millions of players around the world. In addition, the game will contain:
- Changes to the Ultimate Team phase
- A new online development that will stimulate competition across the network
- New additions to EA SPORTS football club will put the player in the heart of the FIFA series
- Realism does not compete through contracts with more than 500 clubs

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